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I am Monica Langdon and FITNESS IS my LIFESTYLE!   You can MAKE A CHOICE TO BE HEALTHY too!!

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Fit, Fabulous, and Forty-Three!

Life is just beginning! Celebrate getting older by looking and feeling years (decades) younger, inside and outside. THIS is what 43 looks like to me!! And this year I became a GRANDMA to a new baby boy, and another on the way next year!

LOVE yourself!



Hello! I am MONICA LANGDON and I am SO super excited to launch my Online Personal Training website to specialize in my clients fitness needs and goals! Welcome!! My Mission is to help people live a better healthier life NOW. Everyone can do something to make a difference today. I offer positive supportive encouragement and personalized training to all those who want to make changes but do not know where to start.  Let ME help you achieve your goals! A Healthy lifestyle makes us all better inside and outside, taking care of ourselves allows us to give more to our loved ones. 

LADIES I have had 3 children and understand the struggles to bounce back after child birth, our busy hectic schedules, and not making time for ourselves as women. I am 42yrs old and believe we only feel as young as we are inside. Long term healthy nutrition and exercise is key to looking and feeling younger than our real age. ALL NATURALLY!!! NO excuses! I can help you!  It is possible to achieve your goals and fit in time for your self as well as continue to be on the go. SIGN UP with Me and Let's get started today!!!

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Transformation Biography

Womens bodybuilding fitness
The Top 2 pictures are from 2011 BEFORE bodybuilding. I have always been fit, exercised daily, & I have taken care of what goes into my body.  Here I weighed 102lbs, & in the bodybuilding industry we call "Cardio Bunnies" those who just do cardio, skinny/FAT "fit" and don't lift heavy weights only light 5lb dumbbells, lol.  In defense of that this is how it was being told to us in the mainstream world, magazines, the culture was to be skinny, so skinny some of us developed unhealthy obsessions to excessive cardio, Anorexia & Bullemia.  I overcame all those through God's strength, my own determination to want to build muscle, challenge MY body with each exercise, each Lift! Lifting HEAVY, DOING HARD WORK, and LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!

I tell women to STOP weighing yourself! (constantly) & do not be defined by the scale. Look at yourself in the mirror, feel Your body, how do Your clothes fit, use Your measurements to decide to change something or Just Love it! My measurements in the top photos are: legs 19", waist 21-22", hips 34", arms 11" The bottom 2 photos are a few months ago in 2014. Weight:118lbs, waist 23", hips 36", Legs 22 1/2".

Lifting Heavy Never makes you look like a "man" only makes you stronger & more beautiful inside & OUT!

Left is 2011 102lbs and the Right is 2015 (October) 118lbs.  Lean muscle mass gains as you can see abdominals and definition of leg muscles I  am very lean and defined.  Body fat around 14-15% in BOTH pictures so the weight gain is lean muscle mass.  Arms went from 9" on left to 11" on right. Waist was 21-22" now it is around 23". Hips went from 34" to 36" I have a very big booty now (have to do another transformation pic from behind but see up above in quad collage picture) and as you can see in lower abdominal area/hip flexors I do not carry any body fat at ALL there or on hips, only in legs and glutes. Hips should not be wider and with heavy weights training they actually will lose fat there (as well as all over entire body) and muscle will be increased in the glutes lifting up what Mother Nature gave you or child bearing may have changed over the years.

Bikini Competition Prep 2016

I want to note the competition prep has been postponed from Oct 22 to the Spring 2017 due to becoming severely ill and a foot injury all in the last 3-4 weeks out time period that has set me TOO far behind to finish remaining fat burning as I cannot currently do cardio.  The gains during my 15 weeks total prep were very amazing and wonderful learning experience. Learning to manipulate macros even slightly daily giving me leanness and water manipulation progress.  Super excited for this fall/winter building season and very happy with my progress and knowledge gained for the Spring (April) competition season will be outstanding.  Currently as of Oct. 05, 2016 I am in the Build & Burn 2016 Fighter Diet 12 wk challenge and going to use to build muscle.

Bikini Competition
Team McClain's Fitness 2016

Cutting Season Currently
Updated 1 year progress from May 2015-May 2016
Summer weeks into Fall cut (2015) dropping bf% but keeping muscles hard and full. This has been an amazing year of body transformation for me.  Once you are already at a relatively low bf% it is much harder to keep the  muscle on while lowering bf%. I am eating 1800-2200 calories per day and it is burning through my fat and seeing significant changes. The first 12 photos are 2016 March - May 2016 showing muscle definition, bigger muscle bellies, lower body fat, serratus showing well and some new striations in glutes and legs.

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Womens bodybuilding fitness

Train The Glutes

I specialize in training glutes & legs.

3 years Building Glutes

Lots of extra isolation exercises

Womens bodybuilding fitness

Glutes Grow with Hard Work

And Fuel to feed them to grow!
I am certified in Personal Training through NASM, recently completed my second certification in Corrective Exercise Specialist and have been doing bodybuilding for 3 years (20+years of my personal own high level Fitness).  I have worked hard for the body i have today.  Research, applying different techniques to find out what works for my body, has been my Passion and so challenging!  In today's fast pace world we all feel short on time, however being fit is Doable if you really want it badly Enough! You MAKE time for it. You incorporate plans daily making strategic choices to prepare every day the necessary means to keep yourself fit.

I am so Blessed to be able to share my knowledge, training, education, and bodybuilding experiences with You to help YOU reach the fitness goals YOU set for yourself!
There are many tips, tricks and short cuts that are huge time savers I can help you with learning.  Keeping to a budget is also easy, you just have to know what to buy that is nutritionally dense for the prices you can afford.  Make every bite count! We only have ONE body! It is God's Temple we must cherish it, love it, nurture it, and we reap the benefits! :)

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